John Anthony

John Anthony

The influences that shaped John Anthony’s musical tastes are as wide as the artist’s vocal range. From Styx to Streisand, Freddie Mercury to George Michael and Billy Joel to McCartney, Anthony pays homage to some of music’s most important artists. Says Anthony,”If I had to choose one influence in particular, it would have to be Freddie Mercury, who could sell any song from hard rock bravado to the sweetest sentiment. That is what I aspire to.”

John’s debut album What A Man Can Do enjoyed critical acclaim from Dan Aquilante from The New York Post who raved over his across-the-board skill, “[Anthony] displays a wide range of styles – and has command of them all.” Larry Flick of industry mainstay Billboard agreed. “There is nothing missing from this recording. It’s bathed in lush, elaborate arrangements of strings and horns that make each song sound like a million bucks” [but] “the element that ultimately sets Anthony apart is a staggeringly high and powerful tenor range that dwarfs the vocal potency of his stylistic mentors.”

Born and raised in upstate New York, John’s musical journey began playing saxophone from early childhood through high school. It wasn’t until his college years did he discover that his voice was his ‘instrument’.

John ventured to NYC to front rock bands that were featured at popular clubs such as the China Club and the Cat Club as well as receiving local airplay. Over the next few years, John continued to write his own songs, which eventually became ‘What A Man Can Do’.

John is currently performing with several bands in the NYC Metro area and developing a Rock Musical.